Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Meeting Hugo and Spencer from Made in Chelsea!

Hey guys, I recently went clubbing at 'Rehab' in croydon as the sexy made in chelsea boys. hugo and spencer were there hehe :D got pictures witht them, spoke to them and danced with them no joke! They were standig on some chairs and table and the security guard wasn't letting anyone get to them but I crawled under the table and climbed over haha! I got in trouble but oh well got my pictures and Spencer called me gorgeous yaay :D Also I said to him 'why dont you and caggie just get together already?' and he goes, 'wait til the christmas special hun, just wait til the christmas special' eeek :D Spencer is a lot shorter than I thought he would be, they are both gorgeous and both soo cheeky! cant go into too much detail lol.. Here are some other pics from getting ready with my friends at house parties as well :) xoxo

Mesh bodycon dress (boohoo), bowler hat (boohoo), red scallop vest (ebay shop), pu panel shorts (miss selfridge), black ankle boots (ebay shop), suspender tights (house of holland at tkmaxx), grey dress (h&m), ugg boots (ugg australia)


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  2. Hey Leanne, I recently wrote a critique on one of your hauls and was just wondering if you were up for having a bit of a chat? You can find me on FB, my name is Ashley McBean or email me (ashley.mcbean@yahoo.co.uk). I also have a new blog but haven't touched it since the day I created it....last month- been so busy!!

    Look forward to hearing from you, :)