Saturday, 18 February 2012


Just got back from new york recently, bought myself some disco pants from american apparel in the charcoal colour, they cost me $80 which is around £60 and they are like £80 in England so I hadddd to buy them there! Also got myself these sexy vans as they are cheaper in America and some other bits and bobs you can find on my haul which will be up shortly at
 Also I got this bag from selectclothing online for only £15!!!! I've been looking for a studded bottom duffel bag (silver studs) for ages, wish I could get the Alexander Wang one but obv cant afford that :(

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Jacket (Levis, mums), top (Tk Maxx), Disco Pants (American Apparel), Vans, Spike Bracelets (Topshop), Shamballa Bracelet (Tresor Paris), Skull Scarf (Primark), armour ring, (Topshop), Bird Skull ring (Ebay Shop), Bag (Select)


  1. Your outfit looks lovely :)
    Just followed on Tumblr babyy


  2. love the outfit! so tempted to buy some disco pants, :}

  3. Love the disco pants, think I'm going to get some! So expensive though haha xx

  4. so jealous of your disco pants! they've been on my wishlist forever haha. you look gorgeous! x

  5. I bought those AA disco pants in black about three years ago and found them hideously over-priced for my old student self. So worth it for being transformed into Sandy at the end of Grease, I wanna stub a cigarette out on the floor with my high heels and turn to my Danny Zukko and go, "Tell me about it, stud".

    Love the charcoal colour on you though, so much that I'm having second thoughts about the black now! The midnight navy looks great too!