Saturday, 19 May 2012


Im pretty sure Ive wanted these boots for about 3 years, just seems like forever! I've always wanted to get them but they dont sell them in the UK and I didnt want to buy them from an american website and have to pay the extra delivery and customs charge etc. Also they are rather expensive! On friday I got paid anyway and I was having a look on and I saw them there for £145 and they just had size 4's and said 'last few left'. So I was like 'IT'S FATE!' and added them to my shopping bag haha :p Obviously I was thinking about the price and whether I could really afford it, but I do work hard so thought I'd treat myself to something more expensive and I have wanted them for ages! They came packaged so beautifully as well which made me so excited to open them! Each shoe had its own little cotton bag hehe and a little message from 'Jeffrey Campbell' haha which I thought was a lovely touch! Anyway here they are!!!


  1. I waited for ages for mine as well and I love them sooo much!! Have you worn them out yet? They're so comfortable! xx

    1. yeah Ive worn them out and they are so comfortale! not sure whether to wear them clubbin though cause the spikes are really sharp lol and I dont want someone to stamp on them or anything! xx