Wednesday, 29 June 2011

All Saints Agate

Cut-away vest (ASOS), Black skinny belt (Primark), Levis shorts (Mum's jeans), Boots (Caterpillar)
Agate stone necklace (All Saints 'Xenolith Obelisk necklace), Ring (River Island), Nail Polish (Rimmel Lycra Pro 500 Peppermint) 
Thought I'd wear my necklace that I bought from All Saints online a while ago when I had a 20% off voucher from Glamour magazine. I don't wear it that often cos it's quite heavy and I'm a little scared that one of the stones will fall out, especially since the first necklace I received had a stone missing. Every time I do wear it though, people do comment on it and I think it's such a stand-out piece to add to a basic outfit. I took a few photos of the packaging it came in when it arrived.

Initially I received the necklace in a MASSIVE box. Although I have kept the box and I use it now for storage, I thought it was a bit ridiculous sending me such a massive box to hold a very small item. Anyway, the necklace was contained in a cute little canvas pouch which was wrapped in vintage coffee stained tissue paper. All Saints' vintage style signature presentation and packaging is the reason why I like to order online.
After all the excitement of unwrapping the packaging, I was so disappointed to find that a stone was missing from the necklace (top left). So I sent the necklace back in a jiffy bag and promptly received a replacement necklace. This time the necklace came in a much smaller box (finally eco-friendly thinking) and I was happy to find that all the stones were intact. The agate stones are quite different on this necklace to the previous one- they look more 'aged', which I like.


  1. wow looks lovely. i love your nail polish.

  2. Thanks! I got the nail varnish from Boots. Rimmel pro lycra Peppermint xx