Monday, 13 June 2011

I passed my driving test!

I passed my driving test for the first time on the 29th April- the same day the Royal wedding took place! I passed with 6 minors and my maneuver was 'reverse around the corner' which I was dreading! But my instructor (who was sitting in the backseat) smiled at me and mouthed 'you can do it!' which worked a charm! So this is my fabbbulous car! Her name is Ethel, since she's ancient!

Tassle top, leggings and feather necklace (Primark), Wedges (Miss Selfridge)

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  1. Your driving instructor was very supportive! When I had my driving test, all I got from my instructor were words of encouragement. He didn’t accompany me all throughout the test. Anyway, I still passed and all my hard work paid off. We really should thank our instructors!

    -Marvis Carswell