Thursday, 30 June 2011

See...I'm not too short to wear a maxi!

Maxi dress (TK Maxx)
Turquoise statement necklace & Turquoise Navajo stone cuff bracelet (Portobello Market), 3 turquoise stone ring (Urban Outfitters), Silver rings (Holiday)

Turquoise Wedges (Primark)
It's taken me ages to find a maxi dress that would fit my 5ft frame but I finally found one from TK Maxx. I still have to wear it with wedges but at least I can now wear one! You must have noticed by now that I'm obsessed with turquoise, so as soon as these wedges hit the Primark stores I HAD to get them. I also got them in hot pink too- at £14 each you can't go wrong! They're also really comfy too which is a bonus. Not sure about the ribbon lace though...I might change it to a corded lace, the same colour as the heel. Hope you all have a lovely day!


  1. the shoes are gorgeous :)xoxo

  2. Definitely Awesome shoes!
    I wish i could wear a maxi dress.
    I bought one but of course its too long. lol

  3. Thanks Buky! Ahh I feel your pain! You will find one, just search the petite sections in Miss Selfridge. Also you can always make a knot at the bottom on the side if it's still too long. xx