Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Shoot

In December, my sister had to do a project for her university course (she's just finished studying graphic design at University of Leeds) and she asked me to model for her photographs.
Here are a few of the spreads that she used for the project below. 
Dress (Primark), Shoes (Chockers), Turquoise earrings (eBay), Necklace (Tallulah Tu), Turquoise YSL Arty ring
In this photo I'm wearing my sister's statement necklace. We saw Dannii Minogue wearing it on X Factor and she immediately searched for it online!
Scalloped tank and harness tights (Topshop), Aztec print skirt (American Apparel), Hi Tops (Nike), Bandana (Camden town)
Leather Owain Jacket (All Saints), Aztec print skirt (American Apparel), Boots (Dr Martens), Harness tights (Topshop)
I absolutely adore this jacket! It does belong to my sister, but I'm lucky enough to be able to borrow it whenever she isn't wearing it. The embroidery on the back looks very much like Balinese Batik which gives this leather biker jacket an 'alternative' edge. The studs on the collar also makes this jacket different from all the other leather bikers out there. Unfortunately my sister bought it before it came into the sale but she (and I!) have worn this jacket so much that we feel the price was justified....kind of!
Shorts (Topshop Premium)
I love these shorts so much! But they are very delicate and the beads kept falling off, so maybe not the best for a night out  :p 


  1. These pics are amazing!

  2. Thank you! My sister will be happy :) xx